European Championships 2013



First of all we would like to wish everybody the best for 2013! Let it be a great year for everybody !

European Championships 2013

The FISAF International European Fitness & HIP HOP UNITE Championships 2013 Antwerp will take place from 7 – 12 May 2013. These championships will be organized in Antwerp, Belgium.  The LOC contracted a great and professional location, the Lotto Arena in the city centre of Antwerp. The address of this venue is Schijnpoortweg 119, 2170 Merksem (Antwerp), Belgium

LOC European Championships 2013

The LOC is formed by the DFO, the Belgium Fitness & Hip Hop Federation and Ghering Management & Marketing. We are looking forward working with you and to see you again in Antwerp;.

Antwerp; European Capital of Sports 2013

Antwerp will be European Capital of Sports 2013, what means they do have a very sport minded year in Antwerp. The city does have more than 140 sport events during this year and this event will be one of their most important events in their whole campaign as European Capital of Sports. The whole city will be turned into a sport minded area and everything is linked to sports. Therefore the City is an important partner in organizing the FISAF International European Fitness & Hip Hop Unite Championships 2013 and all the side events. The side events will take place on schools, sport clubs & public playgrounds through the city. Take a look at


Website European Championships 2013

Especially for this European Championships 2013 we created a nice website, where you can find all the information about the city, registration, venue, hotels and also our contact information. The website link is: This website will go live today!
We also have a Facebook page! Click here to go there and be in contact with all other athletes, coaches, visitors and interested people that are participating or visiting the European Championships 2013.


Like the previous WC in Dordrecht you have to register using the registration form which you can find on the website. Next to this registration form you need to fill in your FRF-files. On the website will be important information about registration deadlines and cancellation policy. Please go to the website and read this carefully. Website will be live today, so please complete your registration as soon as possible.

Hotel & Packages

Like always, we have provided accommodation for you, please visit the website today and book your package before 15-04-2013. Unlike other years, no transportation from airports will be arranged, only transportation from Antwerp Railway station Central to your hotel. All of the rest is included in the package price! IF YOU BOOK YOUR PACKAGE BEFORE 15-02-2013, YOU WILL GET 5% DISCOUNT ON YOUR PACKAGE PRICE!


If your sport federation, dance school or sport club, already wants to order tickets for the event, we do have nice discounts during January & February of 2013. So are you interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Social media + Prizes

Also this year we will organize nice competitions on our social media channels. Last year you could win a Photo camera and a nice Adidas sport watch. So keep informed by this social media channels and be active so you have a chance to win some nice prizes!
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